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Our Skills

Roussineau Ets, specialized in Potatoes and Onions,

seeds, Ware Potatoes and Processing

Having gained over 70 years of experience, Roussineau ETS exports seed potatoes and ware potatoes to more than 25 countries.

Collecteur, we own our production of certified potato seeds in France and can provide you with robust varieties including Spunta, Florice, Désirée, Cara, Hermès ...

Either through trading or brokerage, we can offer you potatoes from France, Europe, Israel and Egypt in customer selected packaging throughout the year.

Roussineau Ets is also the official supplier of the largest chip producer factories in France, Spain and Italy. We assure robust technical expertise to the scope of supply specifications as required by our customers.

As a Court appointed broker, Yves Roussineau can provide price certificates. 

In the event of a possible dispute, Yves Roussineau is a qualified RUCIP arbitrator.

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