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Ware potatoes

and onions

Brokerage and Trading

Using our extensive experience and “hands on” field knowledge, our team specializes in the trading and brokerage of ware potatoes and onions.

In direct association with farmers and trading companies, we develop and manage:

- Contracts in France and for export

- All types of packaging

- Brushed or washed potatoes

Organic farm production

Roussineau Ets are ECOCERT certified and offer certified ware potatoes from Organic farms.. 

Global Gap Coc Certification

Ets Roussineau is also certified with Global Gap Chain of Custody by Ckcert. This certification garantees the tracability of the lots from the farmer to the retail store. 

Quality and contractual obligations

Each selected batch is sampled and tested by our team in order to offer full compliance to your health and quality standards.

This pledge of quality and confidence has been the corner stone and  solid reputation of  Roussineau Ets for more than 70 years.



We offer a selection of customer packaging including:

- Bulk

- Big Bag

- Sacks: 50, 25,10, or 5 kgs

- Pallox

We also offer for purchase or sale of Onions:

- French origin (Beauce, North and Champagne regions)

- All calibers (4 / 6,5 / 7, 7/9 ...)

- All packaging

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