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Certified Seed Exports

Presence in more than 25 countries

Roussineau Ets exports certified seed potatoes to more than 25 countries.

We ship in the Mediterranean basin (Morocco, Turkey, Algeria, Egypt ...), the Middle East (Iraq, Syria, Iran, Jordan), in Asia (Uzbekistan) and in Sub-Saharan Africa (Mali, Senegal, Coast ivory).

Plants de pommes de terre en Ouzbekistan

Champs d'essais de variétés de pommes de terre, 2020

A large choice of varieties

We have a wide range of varieties for all destinations namely:

Claustar, Désirée, Florice, Spunta, Hermès, Cara, Sieglinde, Nicola, Monalisa and Linzer Delikatess.

Each year, in close teamship with plant breeding research stations, more than 20 new varieties are tested to develop varieties that have enhanced features which improve the plant’s adaption capabilities to climatic changes and to market demands.


As each soil type has its own specifics, we will advise you on the best potato selections to optimize your market supply criteria.

Top quality Seeds

Our extensive knowledge of the food quality control requirements for each country allows us to offer you seed potatoes of the best quality and of the best origin.

Roussineau Ets produces all classes of plants, from Super Elite to Class A.​

We offer export packaging using customer selected 25 or 50 kg jute bags or big bags, in Reefer containers or in trucks and we manage all the logistics and documentation as required by the country’s customs service.

Récolte de pommes de terre Claustar au Mali

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