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Nos partenaires

Our Partners

Roussineau Ets is also certified to:

- Global G.A.P. in partnership with several producers

- Organic Agriculture standard FR-BIO-09


The CNCMA represents all Court Appointed Commodity Brokers as registered on the lists of the French Courts of Appeal.

As a Court appointed broker, Yves Roussineau is a member.


The National Interprofessional Potato and Vegetables Brokers’ Union

The purpose of the SNCPT is to defend the interests of brokers and to represent them within interprofessional potato entities (CNIPT,GNIS, FFSCM….)


Yves Roussineau is the president of the union. 


The CNIPT is the interprofessional body recognized by public authorities in the field of consumable potatoes (early and ware potato), sold on the fresh foods market.

Their objectives include:

• Key knowledge of supply and demand

• Product quality, the establishment of technical standards and research and development programs

• Information on commodity supply chains, product quality and their market development in domestic and foreign markets.


GNIS is an Association created in 1962, with the aims to represent the principal businesses in the French seed industry. 


This is :


• A forum for dialogue and exchange

• A forum for decision-making: inter-professional agreements

• Ensures the promotion of the sector in France

• Supports the international development of the sector


Founded in 1908, at the initiative of commodity brokers, the FFSCM is a federation of unions solely relating to commodity brokerage.

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