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Over 70 years of rich experience serving the Potato trade

1947: André Roussineau, after beginning his career in a Swiss trading company, created a commercial agent’s office in Paris, dedicated to the potato and grain trades.

In the 1960’s: he became interested in developing potato varieties and thus became the first exclusive agent for Dutch variety breeders, introducing and developing on French soil, varieties such as: Ostara, Résy or Saturna. Very quickly, he became the market trader’s benchmark and the portfolio was enhanced with new German, English and Danish varieties such as Kaptah Vandel..

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In 1980: Yves, André Roussineau’s son joined the company and created Roussineau ETS in 1981. The activity remains focused on brokerage, the development of protected varieties and ware potato trading. With the arrival of Yves Roussineau, it expanded by creating major production contracts for key industrial ware potato consumers (chips, fries, etc.) and expanding internationally with seed potato exports to Africa, Europe and the Middle -East. 

2001: Europlant Group, the 3rd European group for the production and selection of seed potatoes and Roussineau Ets created Europlant France, with the strategic objective of driving production, marketing and the development of seed and ware potato varieties within the Europlant group in France.


2017: : Léa Roussineau, Yves Roussineau’s daughter, joined the company. Today, the company is currently chaired by Yves Roussineau and managed by 3rd family generation Léa Roussineau, to develop the company whose purpose has not changed:

The Potato

The company employs 11 people and markets more than 50,000 tonnes of seed potatoes and ware potatoes each year.

The company works with Global Gap partners and is awarded the Organic Agriculture certification (AB).

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