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Our Seed


Collecteur de Plants de Pommes de Terre

Roussineau Ets collects certified seed potatoes and has contracts with primary seed producers.
We work with the three prime Producer Organizations:  
- Bretagne Plants
- Comité Nord 
- CentreSud
All potato seeds are certified by the official services of the Ministry of Agriculture (SOC) and by our expert seed technicians who verify the quality from planting to shipment.

Our collection range includes:

- Florice (exclusive variety of Roussineau Ets)

- Spunta, Désirée, Cara, Hermès, Nicola, Sieglinde ...

The certified Potato seedling,

A Quality Assurance

The seeds are checked at every stage of growth development, from planting to storage and shipping.
The varietal identity and the health status of the seed are checked by SOC controllers and our team.
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